Lock In Your Investment Alpha With Actively Managed Stock Portfolios.

"The stock picker’s market is making a comeback. Earnings matter and valuation actually means something again! The days of “everything going up are over."

Thank You!

Let me start out by expressing my sincere gratitude to all of you for being premium members through the thick and thin of market volatility, especially what we’re going through right now.

I founded Geoinvesting in 2007 as a free service and eventually pivoted over to make it a premium service and it is one of the best things we ever did, as it has increased the quality of investors that have joined our community. However, it also forces me to continually think about how I can provide a better experience for microcap investors and it led me to the idea of starting new products and ventures. I have one such idea ready right now.

I am currently ONLY reaching out to GEO premium members with a new product that will enable you to capture more alpha.

The most common questions I get from members are; What’s your favorite stock? What did you remove from your portfolio? What is the next position you are building?

These inquiries basically revolve around how one could manage the stocks in all the different portfolios and how to possibly choose the best stocks out of that group. Which Run to $1 is my favorite? Which multi-bagger is now close to an inflection point? Are all of your favorite Model Portfolio holdings timely?

What's This All About?

I want to offer you a more actively managed portfolio alternative that takes into account the timeliness of stocks we are tracking and is more proactive in locking in gains. The portfolios will be populated from my Model Portfolios, picks from my investor network, as well as stocks that are completely new.

Think of the Geo portal and my model portfolios as a huge repository of information. I am delivering you what I believe is cutting edge research in microcaps, many times before anyone else.

However, I am now confident to take my microcap edge and turn it into a product which I strongly believe will help to deliver you even more alpha.

I am talking about two brand-new managed portfolios that you can gain exclusive access to alongside a dedicated Slack channel.

I understand the volume of information and research on Geo portal can be challenging to navigate, making it a little hard to get to the bottom of all this research quickly, so I think with these two managed portfolios, you will be able to immediately track what matters the most - timing, conviction and immediately relevant supporting research.

Great Performance, But Timing Is Of The Essence

The first portfolio is called ‘Active. The idea is to present a relatively diversified portfolio that will maximize return and optimize risk.

Just remember, Geo had eight doubles in 2021. Some of them eclipsed 200% in gains. However, many of these stocks had pulled back with the market. The active portfolio would have locked in many of these gains because it will be managed with the purpose of managing risk and capturing short-term gains.

With this portfolio, I believe you will be able to log gains that you might have otherwise missed in the other model portfolios due to a lack of calculated sell targets. Consider this portfolio to be a blend of long-term and short to medium term strategies.

I believe this is extremely pertinent in the current environment. The stock picker’s market is making a comeback. Earnings matter and valuation actually mean something again! The days of “everything” going up are over, at least for now. It will get harder to succeed. We have been there before and know how it goes.

The second portfolio is called ‘Run to $1 Million. The idea here is to provide with you my best single idea which has near-term multi-bagger potential. As opposed to the active portfolio, this will be a single-stock portfolio which will aim to take $10,000 and make it into $1,000,000 as quickly as possible.

It takes just seven doubles to reach that goal.

And we've had over 240 multi-baggers (doubles or more) since we opened our research to members in 2007. That's an average of 16 per year.

On top of all this, by purchasing an annual pass you will also gain access to a dedicated Slack channel where you can track my reasoning, ask questions and see my research progress as it unfolds. You will get a seat at my analyst table.

So to summarize by purchasing the subscription you will get the following;

  • Active Model Portfolio aimed at capturing better alpha from my research
  • Run to $1M Portfolio, a single stock portfolio aimed at finding the best multi-bagger opportunities with clear catalysts to get us from $10,000 to $1,000,000.
  • Access to a Slack channel:
    - Allows you to see my research as it unfolds. Most of the research never gets to Geo but is used in my investing.
    - You can interact with me and my team as well as other members and easily share opportunities.

To gain access to this portfolio before the first group closes, use the checkout form below.

Yours truly for delivering microcap alpha,

~ Maj Soueidan

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Summing Up The Annual Package - What's Included?

Slack Chatroom

Active Portfolio + Email Updates

Ongoing Active Portfolio Analysis

For our Active Portfolio we will continue to track our stocks' performances and make strategic decisions to maximize alpha. Our coordination through Slack will rely heavily on picking apart information gleaned through various research outlets, culminating in valuable cliff notes, quotes from management interviews, research pipelines and watchlists, and best of all, Information Arbitrage. This is NOT a service for day traders!

Run To $1 Million Portfolio

My best single idea which has near-term multi-bagger potential. As opposed to the active portfolio, this will be a single-stock portfolio aiming to take $10,000 and make it into $1,000,000 as quickly as possible.


We've got A's for your Q's

What will the active portfolio look like?

The content will be shared with an exclusive group of investors who will be able to track my positions alongside reasoning for my actions. Think of a simple online spreadsheet that is updated daily.

On top of that, you will gain access to a Slack channel where I will be posting all about my research and trades.

That being said, I will stress action over words and the unique selling point is that you can see what I do rather than what we think. The reasons for adding or removing stocks will be limited to a few sentences. You are always more than welcome to reach out and ask further questions.

What do I get out of it?

Timely investment opportunities vetted by me and my team..

How much does it cost?

$1999 per year for full access to the portfolio and the reasons why we executed the trades. Please note this is just an introductory offering for existing Geo members.

Is this investment advice?

No, please do not forget I am not an investment adviser. Do your own research before taking action on any information I and my team are sharing with you. Microcaps can present a unique set of risks for the individual investor.

Where can I get access?

Pay above for the annual pass. Once you pay, we will send you an invite link to the Slack channel which will host the portfolio and my comments.

Is this offer going to last?

No, I will start capping memberships to the product soon.  

What’s the Run to $1M Portfolio?

This is a single stock portfolio which focuses on the best single idea I currently have. The aim is to take virtual $10,000 to $1,000,000. I will predominantly focus on multi-baggers with clear catalysts. For example, I would need seven doubles to reach the goal.

The reasoning behind the single stock will be explained in a short report. This portfolio is going to balance out the more diversified Active Portfolio..  

Is this more trading than investing?

Not necessarily. While the turnover will be higher than what you can see in my model portfolios, we do not expect to day trade. The point is to capture better gains. Look at the 2021 performance. I found great stocks, but I did not signal to exit those positions when they hit great returns. You would have had to implement your own sell disciplines.

Even though I invest in long-term multi-bagger stocks, there are times when it is better to act and move on. I do not communicate such movements with our existing content. That is just not what GeoInvesting is, and that is why I created this new product. Moreover, a lot of times I want to get you my info as soon as possible. However, it still takes time to get everything in writing and share it. The active portfolio will deliver ideas faster.

I view the active portfolio as a complement to my long-term model portfolios.

Don’t forget, It only takes a few trades to get to that next level.  

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